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How much do you pay for 1 MB of traffic?

To all the people waiting for the telecom prices to decline in the near future, consider this. There are few mobile operators types out there. Telephone Companies (telcos), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) and arising blockchain MVNOs like Miracle TELE.

The bad news for us customers is that the level of monopolization and competition in the niche of telcos and MVNOs is high. That being said, anytime soon the rates for telecom services are not about to get reduced. On the other hand, with Miracle TELE, 1 MB of traffic will cost you €0.014 in comparison to conventional providers’ €0.13. So how did the Czech Republic-based company achieve this? By incorporating blockchain into their business model, which, consequently, resulted in several extra perks for us blockchain aficionados. And guess what? Two of those extra perks are the Miracle TELE airdrop and their bounty campaign.

Why Miracle TELE? 

To the greatest extent, problems the company addresses have to do with 3 main categories

First, users’ privacy. While entering a long-term contract with a mobile operator, you usually have to disclose your personal data. To order the SIM-card from Miracle TELE, though, you don’t need to do that. Sign up to their website, make a €10 deposit, enter Order SIM Card page and fill in the shipping information. The SIM is on its way. No paper work. No bureaucracy.  
shipping info Miracle TELE

The second problem has to do with the massive infrastructural costs when travelling outside the home network. Put simply, very expensive calls while in roaming. Again, this happens due to high monopolization of the telecom sector around the world. But thanks to the blockchain technology and multiple contracts the company has signed with providers from all over the globe, calls get cheaper.

calls TELE model

the Miracle TELE business model

The third issue they address is the mobile cashback pegged to regular long-term contracts. With conventional providers, you normally have to wait for your 12-months or 24-months contract to expire before you can get your cahsback. Due to the tokenization model, with Miracle TELE, you can receive your reward every other couple of weeks. Just stake your tokens. 

stake your TELE tokens


The Miracle TELE ICO

Since the Czech Republic-based company has finished the testing stage of their telecom ecosystem and rewards model, October 15 they launched the ICO. It will run in stages, and for every three-month-long stage Miracle TELE will allocate 37,500,000 TELE tokens. The ICO is reported to finish as soon as all available 150,000,000 TELE tokens are sold but the official end date is October 2019.

Let’s take a closer look at the ICO stages the company is planning to run

Stage 1 is Oct 15 to Jan 14. During this period the company will work on their iOS app.

Stage 2 is Jan 15 to Apr 14. This is where you will have a chance to use WhatsApp/Telegram on Miracle Tele SIM card with zero or negative balance. The same is true of the Stage 3, Apr 15 to July 14.

The Stage 4 is July 15 to Oct 15 is when the team is planning to release a proprietary multiplatform wallet and develop a new proprietary Miracle Tele blockchain.


Token distribution

The company will award 50% of all the tokens, which is 150,000,000 TELE, to the investors participating in the ICO. In addition to that, 25% of the total supply will cover promotion and bounty. Team and legal services will take up to 25% of all the tokens, as well.

Token name: TELE

Token type: ERC20 utility token

Token properties: Freely transferable and exchangeable

Token supply: 300,000,000

TELE Token value: 1 TELE = €0.1


Extra note: to buy TELE tokens, you will need BTC, ETH, LTC or DASH.

The 40% extra perk

Each couple of weeks 40% of the company’s profits will be distributed between holders of the TELE tokens. You just have to add any amount of TELE tokens to your stack in order to receive rewards.

stack TELE tokens


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