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Why Waves is Best for Airdrops

Imagine you’re building a house. You could transport the bricks in small batches in the boot of your car. Or you can hire a...
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City guide startup Cool Cousin tops out private ICO ahead of its upcoming public offering

Image Credit: Cool Cousin The travel industry stands out as an obvious target for disruption via blockchain technologies. In an environment where just two companies account...
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Former ConsenSys consultant creates a revolutionary blockchain development platform based on microservices

After working as a blockchain consultant for the globally renowned company, ConsenSys, and with an impressive portofolio of projects conducted for top 1000 US...
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Think AI Inc. Launches XchangeRate Robot, A Real-Time #Cryptocurrency Day #Trading Platform Along With XRR Utility #Token

The XchangeRate platform brings one unified interface to manage trades across all major exchanges along with powerful tools to increase profits for day traders...
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Quarteria – A Blockchain Powered Real Estate Marketplace

Finding a half decent place to live in any city is becoming harder and harder by the minute. And upon finding one it takes...
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Bitcoin Mining : Risks and Rewards for Entrepreneurs

Blockchain technology is already starting to have a major impact on the business world, creating entirely new industries. Bitcoin mining is quite possibly the most...
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